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Friday, April 27, 2012

United Airlines Sucks: The Saga Continues

This is the last sadly, still in of a series of posts about how terrible United Airlines (and especially their customer service) sucks right now. Check out the tag unitedsucks to find the others.

I just got off the phone with United. We are now less than 10 hours out from my scheduled departure, and I STILL. DO. NOT. HAVE. A. TICKET. How, exactly does that happen? This is what we call an epic fail.

Here's the skinny. Last night, I called United (about 36 hours before the flight) because I still did not have a ticket. I waited on hold for about 10 minutes and was connected to a reservations agent. As soon as I gave him my confirmation number, he literally sighed aloud, on the phone, when he saw the mountain of notes in my account. After taking about 3 or 4 minutes to read them, he told me that he would check with the ticketing department. Back on hold I went, to listen to United's hold music from hades.

He came back on the line about 10 minutes later to tell me that my reservation is already in the queue to be ticketed, but that they can't issue it to me right now. He assured me that I would have a ticket before my flight, but that if I hadn't received one the night before the flight, to call them again to try to straighten things out.

Of course, you can guess by now that what that agent told me didn't actually come true, so I found myself calling United again just now. I was connected with a reservations agent who once again took a few minutes to read the notes on my account. I asked him to please, PLEASE, just ticket my reservation and let me fly tomorrow. He said he needed to speak with his supervisor, so I got put on hold for about 5 minutes. He came back on the line and, just when I thought I couldn't be surprised by United anymore, he asked me, "Sir, how much was the original voucher (the one that caused this entire mess, since day 1) worth?"

I couldn't believe it. How do they not know this? Is it not in the notes? I mean, seriously?! It was like starting from scratch. I told him, and he put me back on hold to speak with his supervisor - again. After about 15 or 20 minutes on hold, he finally gets back on the line to tell me that he has spoken with his supervisor and with the Ticketing department. The Ticketing department assures him that I will have a ticket before my flight's departure tomorrow morning - they just still can't issue it to me yet. WHY, UNITED, WHY?!

Holding my frustration back as best I could, I explained that I would be waking up extremely early in the morning to drive to the airport to catch a flight that, as of right now, I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I'LL BE ALLOWED ONTO. He agent assured me up and down, 100%, no question, absolutely, I will be on that flight...maybe. I asked him what I am supposed to do if I don't have a ticket when I get to the airport. He told me to talk to the agent at the ticket counter, and that agent will.. guess what... CALL UNITED'S TICKETING DEPARTMENT.


So, here I am, about to go to bed. I'll either wake up in the morning with a ticket in my inbox or not. It's kind of like United Roulette. Maybe I'll fly, maybe I won't. But you better believe it - all this frustration I've been holding back for the past MONTH will be let loose upon the poor souls at the United ticket counter at the airport if not! (Yes, I know it's not their fault, but seriously, how can a person get some customer service with this awful company?)

I'll update you later on the outcome.

Until next time...peace.


  1. I just read all of this wonderful story... and I anxiously await the next chapter. You can be sure this girl is never flying United.

  2. It's Saturday. I hope you got on board. Patricia