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Sunday, April 22, 2012

United Airlines Sucks, Part 4

This is the continuation of a series of posts about how terrible United Airlines (and especially their customer service) sucks right now. Check out the tag unitedsucks to find the others.

Three days later, I received the voucher they promised, worth a whopping $150. Sigh. The flight reservation is worth $460. I wrote a response to the email I received "from" the Senior VP for Customer Experience, pointing out the fact that United's response was to my first feedback-form complaint, after just the first night and only about one hour on hold without resolution. I wanted them to know that I had since waited over six hours and still didn't have a ticket.

I was shocked when I received a response within thirty minutes. The response was real, not just some form letter. In it, the Customer Care person told me basically to shove off, they wouldn't be changing their decision. I figured I had reached the limit of what I could get as compensation, so I responded that I would just please like them to ticket my flight, and if they could be so kind as to apply this new electronic voucher AND the original $50 certificate that started this whole mess to the ticket.

You won't believe this next part. I received a response again rather quickly that basically stated - "Sorry, but you have to contact reservations for that. Here's their number." Yep, you guessed correctly - that's the EXACT SAME NUMBER that was unable to solve my problem the first time!! I responded within one minute explaining to them how that was probably not going to work, and that I found it rather incredible that their "highest level of management where customer complaints go" was unable to ticket a flight! After that, I got no response back. Say it with me now... United Sucks.

So now I'm stuck with a dilemma. Do I accept their measly $150 after all this trouble (and, thereby, releasing United of all responsibility and future liability, according to the electronic voucher), or do I stick it to the man and refuse to accept it in protest?

If you've managed to read all of the prior posts thus far, let me know what you think in the comments!

Stay tuned for the final installment of United Airlines Sucks, which includes the actual emails exchanged with United Customer Care, coming tomorrow!


  1. Wow. Just wow. I was hopeful yesterday for ya. What a bummer all around. I hope you're able to work something out. Not looking forward to flying United this summer.

  2. It is bad and I sympathize. But why such people linger in the customer service position is beyond comprehension.

  3. You could do a coin toss as to whether to take the money and run. There is no predicting their response to your demands. Patricia (overseas brat)

  4. Does United Airlines have a BPO center? Just to verify such situations first before letting people rush to the airport. Or why not create a call distribution technique to make sure which is which service is needed by every client.

  5. When I booked for an online airfare ticket reservation, I make it a point to confirm if that was really made. I called the airlines call centre and thankfully it was confirmed.

  6. I hope this will serve as a lesson to other people who are experiencing the same thing with United Airlines. Verify things first, if they have a customer service line, then try to ask for further information about reservations. That way, we won't be wasting money and time. Customer service hotlines are 24/7 open so I hope they would consider tying up with a BPO company for this matter.