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Friday, April 20, 2012

United Airlines Sucks, Part 2

This is the continuation of a series of posts about how terrible United Airlines (and especially their customer service) sucks right now. Check out the tag unitedsucks to find the others.

Six days later, after receiving neither a call from the Data Engineering team, nor a response from the Feedback team, I decided to call United back to see what was going on. I called on Saturday, March 31st, around 2pm. I waited an hour on hold for the first available agent. Yes, one hour. I finally reached someone in the reservations department. I explained my situation once again. He, again, tried to book my ticket using the gift certificate, with no success. He then suggested I just continue waiting for the Data Engineering team, or for the Feedback folks to contact me. Since I had been on hold for so long, I once again asked to speak with a supervisor. I waited on hold another 50 minutes, and the call dropped. I can guarantee that the call didn't drop because of me - my phone was plugged in to the wall and had not moved for two hours (I set it on speakerphone and left it on my couch this entire afternoon.) United Sucks.

At this point, I was determined. I called back. I put my phone on speaker so I could do other stuff around the house. Another hour on hold. Finally reached the reservations department. I explained everything all over again. This new agent tried, failed. Once again, I asked for a supervisor. Another hour on hold. Finally connected with a supervisor - in the wrong department. Somehow I had been transferred "accidentally" from reservations to web support, who told me it wasn't their problem and there was nothing they could do. I needed to talk to reservations. Sigh.

I explained my frustrations to web support and asked to be connected directly with Customer Care now. I was told that Customer Care does not have phone service - they simply do not accept calls. The only way to contact them is by filling out the Feedback form online, I'm told. I explained that I had done this already and received no response. Apparently, that didn't matter. I finally became so frustrated that I asked the agent with whom I was speaking to please connect me with the highest supervisor he could find either in web support or in reservations. I also told him that I wanted him to stay with me until I was connected with someone. He promised he would shepherd my call, but that he had to put me on hold to make the connections. After about 45 minutes on hold, he gets back on the line and tells me that HE has been waiting on hold this whole time, trying to get connected with a supervisor.

At this point, I started laughing. How ironic, right? I just made a United agent wait on hold to contact his own internal supervisors. The agent finally told me that it really wasn't worth the wait, and perhaps I should just call back again some other day. I asked him to please leave a note in the system that I had been on hold for over four hours by this point. He promised he would. After 4+ hours on the phone that day, I agreed and gave up. Still no ticketed flight.

Stay tuned for the next installment of United Airlines Sucks, coming tomorrow!


  1. In March, while checking in at Dulles, there was a question about my Mileage Plus status. The Check-In Desk called their M.P. office and were put on hold for about 15 minutes. The line was lengthening, and they were trying to get me to leave and work out the problem on my own, but I wasn't falling for that. We finally worked it out, but I was surprised to learn that the desk had no number they could call for quick customer assistance before a flight.

    I used to fly United a lot and was quite satisfied, but this merger is a trainwreck.

  2. Thanks so much for the entertainment! I'm saving the "episodes" so I can re-read when I'm having a tough day. Looking for to the next installment.

  3. "I was told that Customer Care does not have phone service - they simply do not accept calls" bahahahaha I find it sadly hilarious that customer CARE does not accept calls. they sure do care, don't they. oh this is rich, i tell ya.