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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Good Times, Great Friends

I just got home from a long weekend getaway to celebrate the wedding of two very good friends of mine. The bachelor party, rehearsal dinner, and wedding went off without a hitch. The ceremony was beautiful, and I'm happy to see my friends joined together as one.

While I won't go into too much detail about the wedding festivities themselves, I do want to comment on the extended weekend as a whole. In the past six months or so, I have taken to getting away from Matamoros rather regularly. For reasons that are complex and probably boring for you, dear reader, I've been managing to take small trips, vacations, or holidays almost every few weeks. I've got the Brownsville airport routine down so well that it takes me about seven minutes flat to get from my car to my seat on the airplane (yes, the airport is that small.)

Being away for this wedding ranks right up there as one of the best trips I've taken. Not only were my good friends getting married, but our friend group was reunited in its entirety for the first time since we all graduated in May of 2010. I spent four solid days with some of my closest friends, reveling in our deep-rooted friendships and picking up where we last left off. To be honest, it was much-needed, and it felt amazing.

To convey exactly how great it was, I'll share this short anecdote before signing off for the evening. After the wedding, the groomsmen (plus the wives of two of the groomsmen) returned to where we were staying. We were all thoroughly exhausted after a long but wonderful day of wedding festivities. I assumed we would end up asleep within thirty minutes or so, but I was proven wrong quickly - and I'm so glad that I was. We spent the next three and a half hours just sitting around a kitchen table sharing stories, catching up on each others' lives, and spending time together. There is honestly nothing better than spending quality time with the people you love, and that's a fact.

Living in Matamoros has not been easy, to be sure. While the work is fantastic, my personal life has certainly suffered somewhat. I tend to call it the Matamoros fluke - that is, a "perfect storm" of circumstances converged upon me to create a strange situation. I believe I've mentioned in previous posts that I'm the youngest person at post, which means it's automatically more difficult to find friends. I love my coworkers and enjoy them greatly, but after work, they mostly go home to their families and children. Suffice it to say that I've been a bit lonely lately.

Of course, those few short days of reunion with friends had to come to a close, and here I sit back in Matamoros, ready to return to work tomorrow. A quick week lies ahead, to be bookended by the wonderful Christmas holiday. I hope you will be spending it with your family and friends, enjoying the true gift of friendship that I described above.

Until next time...peace (on Earth, and goodwill toward men.)

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