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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh, Silly Congress

So, I realize that I work for the United States Government, so really it's a little faux pas and ironic to be criticizing it.

But I mean, come. on. I have a bone to pick with Congress as a whole. (Once again, I'll refer you to the footnote disclaimer found on the bottom of every page on this blog.) Can't you guys just, oh, I don't know... do your job? Didn't we, as the American people under a federal republican (small 'r') government, elect you people to represent us and, you know, govern?

I don't remember ever writing to my congressional representatives to express my wish that they please avoid passing a budget for half of the fiscal year. I know this has been tossed around a lot, but can you imagine if any major corporation, small business, or, heck, family decided they weren't going to set a budget, ignore it, and just kind of let things go? The CEOs of the corporations would be fired, the small businesses would tank, and the families would end up bankrupt or in serious debt very quickly.

How is it that our congressional representatives seem to be unaware of this idea? How, exactly, can they look at all of federal employees out there (not to mention the American middle- and lower-classes) and say "Oh, well, if we end up causing the government to shut down, we're still going to receive our pay, because it's difficult to live on our $174,000 income." I don't doubt that you have lots of major expenses, but don't you realize the lunacy in saying that to a hurting America and fearful federal employees? Shame on you.

I'm not even going to talk about the cuts that are facing the State Department in FY2011's budget (which I'd like to point out ends in 6.5 months) and what's being talked about for FY2012. Am I facing a loss of income and a pay increase freeze? Yeah, but there are worse things out there happening to other American families, so I'm not going to complain about my own situation.

What I will complain about is this: congressional representatives who seem to be delinquent in the duties to which we elected them all. Isn't that a crying shame? The United States, of all places. Can we (especially Foreign Service Officers) really look into the eyes of our foreign counterparts and friends and truly say we are the greatest country in the world if we can't even keep our own house in order?

If only people would stop caring about politics, elections that are a year and a half away, and what their party says and would start governing. Like adults, preferably.

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time you probably know I'm a big Jon Stewart fan. I'm not going to overload this blog entry with tons of embedded videos of truly brilliant segments, but here are just a few links you might find interesting. Time after time, Stewart hits the nail on the head and really highlights what's wrong with Washington politicians.

This one touches on Rep. Ryan's budget proposal. Be sure to stick through it to the end to see how Jon Stewart trumps Ryan's budget with a flick of the wrist. This one pokes fun at the almost-shutdown that never was, and also points out how the media contributes to our problem. And, of course, who can forget Rep. Jon Kyl's completely false speech on the floor of the Senate! Lastly, although this doesn't really pertain to the subject of this blog post, this entire episode is pure comic genius (as well as brilliantly satirically accurate) about Glenn Beck's announcement that he's leaving FoxNews (the "Fair & Balanced" network.. psshh, yeah right.)

I'm sure you didn't come to my blog to read my oversimplified, weak political ramblings. Maybe you came here to learn more about the more than 120 bodies found in narcofosas, or drug cartel-related mass graves. Or perhaps to see commentary on the Consulate General's two Warden Messages sent out last Friday warning of inter-city bus travel and uncorroborated threats on American Citizens. Unfortunately, I've got no commentary on those issues for you at the moment, except to say that life goes on here in the city.

Don't worry about me, though. I'm still living large and enjoying life. Oh, and there's still a prize involved for the first person to come visit me here in Mexico. ;)

Until next time...peace.

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  1. Hi Andrew, I was in Washington, D.C., last week for two conferences (the American Bar Association International Law Section and the American Immigration Lawyers Association). AILA (the immigration lawyers) invited us to go visit our congressional representatives and talk about the reality of the border. A few of the aides expressed an interest in coming down. I told them that we could probably put together a panel for them to meet with (Mayor Ahumada of Brownsville, Mayor Sanchez Garza of Matamoros, etc.). If and when I hear back from them, it could be interesting to reach out to the Consulate, so that the congressional representatives hear about life on the "front lines" from your office. Of course, that assumes they're willing to cross over to Mexico! Take care, Zel