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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Boy with a Coin

I'm a big fan of Iron And Wine, and the music video to their song "Boy with a Coin" has me quite simply enchanted.

I don't know exactly what about this video has me so captivated, but I swear I've watched it more than 20 times in just a few days. Perhaps it's the dancers, the choreography (that's flamenco, right?), or maybe just the pairing of the song with something so visually enthralling.

In any case, I share it with you here (turns out, they won't let me embed the video here) here's a link to the video for your own enjoyment. Que se divierta.

Until next time...peace.


  1. Hey Andrew, read your blog regularly, but this post especially caught by attention. Yup, those are flamenco dancers, and most of them are my friends. The "teacher" is Yaelisa, a well-known flamenco performer and instructor.

  2. Ren - Wow... that's impressive, and illustrates our remarkably small world! Be sure to give them kudos for their work!