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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jon Stewart Rocks

Those of you who live overseas will understand the frustration involved in trying to watch American television without actually being in America. There are numerous ways to try to do it, but none of them are perfect. Websites like Hulu, Netflix, and the major broadcasting networks all put restrictions on what they can and can't show you when you're outside the U.S.

But one man (well, two if you count his counterpart) stands above the rest. That man? Jon Stewart, of The Daily Show.

I've loved watching The Daily Show for years now. I think he and Stephen Colbert both have their fingers on the pulses of today's younger generation and are genuinely able to present the idiocy that exists in politics and the news media. Not to mention, they're both great entertainers.

But the one thing I'm truly grateful for right now is the fact that Comedy Central allows me to watch their shows on their website, even though I'm technically not in the U.S. As a result, I look forward to coming home each evening and catching up on the latest episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

This evening I watched a particularly fascinating interview given by the Jordanian ambassador to the U.N., Prince Zeid Ra'ad. He was actually on the show as a stand-in for the king of Jordan, who decided not to appear on the show (and thus be away from Jordan) at this time, for obvious reasons. Prince Ra'ad, however, was quite engaging, very intelligent, and has some interesting insights on what's happening in the Middle East. So interesting, in fact, that I decided to share the three-part interview with you here on my blog. For some reason, there isn't one solid clip that has all three parts put together, so just click through them each to watch the entire interview.

Now, not to ride the proverbial bandwagon too far, but Stewart also had a humorous jab at the Wisconsin debacle. Though completely satirical, I think Stewart is exactly right in his treatment of the issue. Teachers do deserve more pay, more benefits, and more rights, period. I understand that the WI governor has to trim the budget, and I'm all for that, but why in the world did he decide that cutting current teacher benefits was a better decision than cutting pensions of retired firefighters and police officers. I mean, I appreciate their past service, but do they really deserve such high pensions when America's students are struggling to compete with the rest of the world? The clip's short intro says it all: "Rather than ending tax cuts for the wealthy or closing corporate tax loopholes, Republicans want to get money from the teachers."

Until next time...peace.

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