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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Need a Hobby

I'm now looking for a new hobby. I've got some free time, generally in the evenings, and I'm looking for something different to do.

I've been considering learning guitar, so that seems like a viable option. It's something I could definitely spend some time on every evening, and I could almost teach myself to play. That might be fun, and it's definitely something I'm considering.

I could also become a bonsai tree gardener. I could come home every day and painstakingly and artfully trim a small bonsai tree. ... Yeah, right.

Then again, once I start my Spanish classes in December, maybe I won't have much time for hobbies. I'm betting studying and practicing Spanish will be my new hobby, haha.

What do you think? I'm now taking hobby suggestions. (One of my friends on Facebook just suggested I take up knitting. I'd like to point out that I'm moving to Monterrey, Mexico, where the average temperature year round is 88 degrees.)

Oh, and no offense to bonsai tree lovers.

Until next time...peace


  1. I think martial arts classes could come in handy in a strange, new city. You could be the diplomat Kung Fu master.

    BTW, this is Yang from 158th. Thanks for all your help as our mentor!

  2. Cooking...definitely. That is something done in every place in the world. The skills learned are portable. Dishes can be served to NEW FRIENDS....neighbors. It can be used as an excuse to meet new neighbors...."to borrow a cup of sugar". Even a disaster can be used to meet you air out the smoke, walk to the dumpster or mingle with the neighbors until the firemen give the all clear Just my thoughts for you.

    Mrs. Sharron

  3. Andrew - Just discovered your blog and have enjoyed catching up on your posts the past couple days. I just passed the FSWE and am awaiting my PN results.

    Regarding hobbies, I'd go for something that really stretches you. I've heard that spelunking and llama-breeding are all the rage right now. Or you could try something more tame. Like glass-blowing.