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Monday, October 4, 2010

Hitting the Ground Running

Good Monday Morning to you all!

My weekend in Nashville was a great change-of-pace and a much needed break from being under the foreign service fire hose. Seeing friends is always a good thing, and always worth sacrificing a bit of sleep. I got back to Baltimore at 10p, in time to catch an Amtrak train that was supposed to depart at 10:45p. It finally rolled in to the station at 11:25pm. Luckily, I had my iPod and a great book with me, so it wasn't a terrible wait.

About a half hour later, the train pulled into Union Station right around midnight. I was worried that I might miss the last metro (subway) train back across town to where I lived, so I hurried down into the station. I made it on the first train and rode it to Metro Center, where I had to change trains. As the train I was on arrived at the station, I noticed the other train that I needed to catch was also arriving. I hurried downstairs and managed to get on the last train of the night toward my destination. I'm so glad I made it because, otherwise, I would've spent quite a lot on a taxi across town. I arrived at my station, walked 3 blocks in the cold rain, and finally walked in to my apartment around 12:45a. After unpacking quickly and changing clothes, I was alseep by about 1:15a.

When I woke up at 6:10a this morning, I was surprisingly awake. I cooked two eggs, some toast, and ate some grapes. I finished getting ready early and caught the shuttle with plenty of time to spare. I'm now here at work, waiting for class to start. (Note: I'm not blogging during work hours! It's ok!) I feel great right now and very energized. I suppose we'll see how I feel around 2:30p this afternoon, haha.

Tonight's entertainment is a concert in Baltimore by Brandi Carlile. I'm a huge fan of hers and excited to see her in person. Hopefully we won't be too late in getting back so that I can get a normal amount of sleep, but somehow I don't see that happening.

Oh well. You only live once, right?!

Until next time...peace.

Oh, PS... Flag Day is this Friday!

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