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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

UAB Packout

Well, the movers came today to pack up my UAB (Unaccompanied Air Baggage.) For those of you outside the FS world, every FSO gets two types of shipments when they move between posts: UAB and HHE (Household Effects.) The UAB is limited to 250lbs. and is shipped via air freight to your destination, in the hopes that it will beat you there or get there shortly after you arrive. The HHE is generally shipped via ground and/or boat and can be up to 18,000lbs. But, because I just graduated from college and don't have a whole lot of belongings, I opted not to do an HHE shipment and just do a UAB. Since I'm driving my POV (Personally Owned Vehicle) to DC anyway, I can take anything extra with me on my own.

It was weird watching the movers pack up my few things into boxes, tape them all up, and drive away. Somehow, seeing all of that made this job even more "real" to me. You know, I've been waiting around for training to start, filling out forms and mailing them off to a State Department address. But until now, nothing really "physical" has happened. I'm moving to DC next week, and training starts in 13 days... it's getting more real by the minute.

In other news, my laptop finally arrived, and she's a beauty. I love this thing. It's incredibly thin and light and is lightning fast as well. My previous laptop weighs almost 8.5lbs and is 2" thick. This new laptop weighs 3.8lbs and is 1" thick. Check out these two photos for comparison:

Needless to say, but I'm well pleased.

Until next time...peace.


  1. very exciting, you're almost there! good luck wrapping it all up.

  2. Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was looking for!