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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two Days In

Well, my classmates and I have finished the first two days of A-100 training. Wow... so much has been shoved into our brains in the last two days, it's really pretty impressive. As a result of all that, this post will be given in a short, top-ten list style, in no particular order. Without further adieu:
  1. Walking into the Harry S. Truman (HST) building, otherwise known as Main State, otherwise known as The US State Department, was such a great feeling on Monday morning. Also, most of my day was spent inside the Loy Henderson auditorium (you've probably seen it on TV.)
  2. Secretary Clinton (aka HRC or S) was supposed to be there that morning to welcome us, but she's currently traveling somewhere. Slight bummer.
  3. The picture on my government ID badge is actually not bad at all. I got lucky, I guess. Unfortunately, I can't take a picture and show it to you. (Security Violation!)
  4. The cafeteria in HST wasn't bad at all. We won't be spending too many days in HST itself though, because of #5.
  5. FSI aka NFATC (Foreign Service Institute aka National Foreign Affairs Training Center) is a really nice campus. It felt very much like a college campus (which, of course, is what I'm familiar with.) That's where most of my training will be held.
  6. There are a mindblowing number of acronyms/abbreviations in the department. (Roughly 950. NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY...if not more.)
  7. My classmates are diverse and extremely interesting, each with a unique background. Quite impressive.
  8. We get our bid lists tomorrow! (The list of posts available for me to take. I get to spend the next week ranking EACH of them..which means a lot of research...which means a lot of homework.)
  9. Funny story: when trying to leave HST yesterday, I didn't realize that you had to insert your badge at the turn-style for it to unlock so you can walk through it. So, attempting to look like I knew what I was doing, I walked into the locked turn-style at full speed and literally was bent over at the waist by the metal bar. The guard actually laughed at me.
Until next time...peace


  1. Thank you for #9. I can just picture this. Thank you for the laugh!!! Sharron

  2. Congratulations!! Are there any countries you are hoping for or already have in mind? Anywhere you just would absolutely not want to go? Good luck getting the places you want!

  3. Actually, I would love to tell you about the list, but I can't. It's not public, and not meant to be shared with those who aren't going to post or immediate family members. But I can suffice it to say that it has some very interesting posts, and I'm very excited about it!