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Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day as a Foreign Service Officer

Good morning, folks.

It's roughly 6am and I'm getting ready for my first day on the job as a Foreign Service Officer. I've been told it's a lot of paper shuffling and standing in lines, but I'm excited nonetheless. I'm supposed to be at the Main State Department by 7:45am, so I'm leaving in about 30 minutes.

I literally woke up before dawn today. Let's hope this is not a constant wake up time.

I can't believe this day has actually come. Roughly this time last year I was getting ready to take the FSOT, and I fully expected not to pass it. I just assumed I was taking it to get a feel for it that I would take it again in the future. Looks like I was wrong, haha!

We, the members of the 156th A-100 training class, met some of the 154th last night as they hosted a great meet & greet for us. There are a lot of really friendly people in my class, though it's going to take me forever to remember all of their names and faces.

I suppose I'll post another update sometime this evening or tomorrow to document my first day.

Oh PS - I definitely get my "government ID badge" today. So legit.

Until next time...peace.


  1. congrats and have a great first day!

  2. Welcome to the Service! I hope you didn't jinx yourself on the badge...that line can be a bear!

  3. Welcome and congrats on making through one of the most boring days in A-100! I had a class with one of your coordinators today, and they're looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Have lots of fun tomorrow, and don't forget to clap like you mean it!

  4. It's Friday, and that means that the Weekly State Department Blog Roundup is up - and you're on it! 

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