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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Going on Vacation

Found this chipmunk enjoying a pretzel
at Rocky Mountain National Park.
I really enjoy going on vacations, because it usually means travel to somewhere I haven't been before. Of course, I don't necessarily need a vacation right now, because I haven't really done much this whole summer. But it's kind of a family tradition to take a summer vacation, so we're going. This year, it's Yellowstone National Park with a brief stint in the Grand Tetons as well. I'll be gone for a week.

I've recently fallen in love with National Parks, mainly because of one single visit to Rocky Mountain National Park. I never expected to find such beauty in the United States as I found there. Two friends of mine and I spent a day hiking there, and by the end we had hiked around 7.5 miles. But being in such fresh air, at such a higher altitude was actually quite exhilarating and relaxing. I'm looking forward to going back to that atmosphere.

Because of the vacation, I've decided to postpone the launch of this blog until after I get back. If you've already found it, don't expect any new posts next week. Otherwise, sit tight and relax and wait for the next update!

Until then, I'm out.

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